Home is not a place it's a feeling

It has always been said that the container is as important as the content. Packaging should never be neglected. Prestige perfume must be contained in a unique, refined and stylish bottle, at times a real work of art.

In real estate, it's often the opposite. Sometimes we neglect the content! The property itself is certainly essential, since it's a substantial purchase, in fact the most substantial one for most people. And yet, sellers often ignore the importance of a home's visual presentation, even though it's essential to meticulously choose elements that will match the property during visits. Sofas, chairs, lighting, carpets and other elements must be coordinated while the character of the premises is respected. Beautiful "home staging" will enable the buyer, during a visit, to imagine living there in the future. Personalizing the property crucially amplifies its charms while giving it a raison d'être.

The beauty and quality of the things I'm responsible for, as well as their photo presentations, are thus very important to me. I'm reminded that although everything may have been said, sometimes the potential buyer forgets the message, particularly in the midst of an active real estate market. So all my registered properties are unforgettable, beautiful inside and out, and success follows! Every day, I see the major financial advantages of beautiful home staging when presenting a property, and it's an art that experience has taught me to master. I'm here to assist you if necessary and offer you good recommendations.

Most of my properties have obtained record sales in terms of time or financially. 

My experience is at your services no matter the price of your property, a Home is a Home and I target the excellence.

Patricia Lallier 

Realestate broker.

MONTREAL Realestate Market

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lundi 29 mai 2023